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Vegan Skin Care Products

Heartleaf Toner From Mt.Jiri In Korea

THE ONLEAF's 100% Vegan Recipe

Let me introduce THE ONLEAF's 100% vegan recipe that even cares about the origin of ingredients. 
Heartleaf from JIRISAN | Excellent in soothing
This vegan product is made with the full efficacy of Heartleaf from the fresh air of Jirisan.
Gradually maintains the full efficacy of ingredients for a long time
THE ONLEAF pays attention to the extraction method
The traditional method to decoct medicinal herbs with Heartleaf grown in the clean farm of Jirisan.
"The product contains the active ingredients extracted by the cycle decoction extraction method.

More soothing less dead skin cells
It's okay to be sensitive beacuase it's gentle!
First step skincare after washing
The best toner choice for your triubled skin
Heartleaf from Jirisan Deep calming
PHA&Naturally derived AHA and BHA
Gentle care for dead skin cells and sebum
Heartleaf Biome Strengthen your skin health.
We've made for those with sensitive and
troubled skin who want to witness the
chances by using the product every day.
Let's do something about your never-ending
skin problems.
Dead skin cell care is essential not to cause
cevere problems.
If dead skin cells clog your pores,
your skin can't get better even with good cosmetics!!

Extract ingredients by maintaining a temperature
below 90 degrees. Slowly cool down to the room
temperature. And repeat this process 3 times.
It is Cycle decoction extraction method.
The extraction method is designed to get
a thicker extract with the process of heating to
90 degrees or less and cooling, which is repeated
3 times.
PHA Milde care for dead skin cells, 3rd generation
ingredient,PHA, for peeling dead skin cells that is
good for your skin for everyday use. Since it's so gentle,
you can remove your dead skill cells without irritation every day.
Milder care with naturally derived ingredients More detailed care for dead skin cells and sebum.
Naturally derived AHA, With AHA in sugarcane extract,
Thoroughly remove dead skin cells more gently.
Naturally derived BHA, With BHA in white willow bark extract, Helps remove sebum and waste.


Also known as AHA, Alpha Hydroxy Acid in the formula
comes from Citric Acid and Lactic Acid. It has anti-aging
benefits as well as hydrating and exfoliating.
Also known as BHA, Beta Hydroxy Acid in the formula is
called Salicylic Acid, the most commonly used BHA in skin
care. It's a gentle exfoliating ingredient that works great
for oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin types.
Also known as PHA, Poly Hydroxy Acid in the formula is
called Gluconolactione. It is also an exfoliating ingredient
that's less sensitizing than AHA and BHA as it
penetrates less deeper than the other two.
Rich in polyphenolic flavonoids, Heartleaf is known for its
intensive soothing and calming benefits. The natural extract helps improve skin redness, sensitivity, acne, and blemishes.

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